The Culture

Ireland’s culture is steeped in a tradition of excellence. Whether you’d like to listen to traditional Gaelic music, learn to draw with a local artist, or eat a private meal whipped up by a Michelin-starred chef, we can arrange any number of cultural offerings, from the relaxed to the ultra sophisticated.


Culinary Offering

Food is the beating heart of this corner of Ireland with its long history of farming and fishing. At Cliff Beach House, you can dial up (or down) the level of service required. We can bring in the Cliff Group’s multi-award-winning chefs for a seafood feast — across the group, we have three Michelin stars — for a summer barbecue, a tasting menu, or a kid-friendly TV supper.



Experience the rich musical traditions of this region within the private space of your Irish home from home. With a grand piano in the main sitting room, you can enjoy recitals by some of Ireland’s most significant talents. For a more relaxed event, we can organise singers, and traditional Gaelic music as it is still practised and enjoyed by the local community. We also have a wonderful collection of Irish vinyls for your listening pleasure. 


Literature and The Arts

Ardmore has long inspired painters, potters, poets and writers. We can bring in botanical artists and writers for private masterclasses, and evening readings. We can organise creative writing workshops for  families or corporates. Landscape photography is another exciting opportunity, making use of our unique little black book of contacts.


Local Heritage

The seams of culture running through this corner of Ireland are a powerful lure. The Ring (An Rinn) Gaeltacht — a rare outlier in Ireland, where Irish is still the native tongue — sits on the opposite headland. The territory is woven with clifftop trails, inland drumlins, unspoiled beaches and leafy glins. It has a living culture, evident in artists, craftspeople and musicians. This was also where the Clancy brothers — the ballad singing of the late, great Liam Clancy among Bob Dylan’s favourite ballad voices of all time — chose to settle and record.